Study help

Day time classes are the busiest of all at Non-Plagiarized Essays Company since students come in from all places and schools. College students and lecturers too can’t seem to go without the help of Jane’s establishment and professional educators as they flock into the premises to register for extra classes. The company has been forced to give additional time to students since more and more clients come in looking for vacant classes for them to fill and get help. This has also led to the employment of more staff to cater for the rising demand for the exceptional services they offer. In fact, Jane is sometimes forced to look for extra classrooms or meeting places for the students during the day. During the summer holidays classes are also filled to maximum capacity with students. The business premises are ever a beehive of activity.

The classes are divided into two. The students registered to study in groups of five and the other option is the private sessions that involve one student and one teacher. Five students are taught by one student for a set period of time every day or as opted by the students. Some students apply for full-time attendance while others who have jobs or other responsibilities can attend part time classes. The teachers come up with the reading materials and also give out additional assignments to keep the students busy even after classes. Group discussions are held among the groups to discuss issues or topics concerning the genre they seek assistance. This ensures that all students participate and eventually come up with great ideas about writing their own essays instead of cheating and plagiarizing other peoples work. The five students per one teacher classes are solely offered at the Company’s premises in central London. The private or one on one classes are offered at the premises too or anywhere else so long as it is within central London.

New students or employees from corporations can visit the Company’s premises to ask any questions they may have concerning the classes offered and how convenient they are to meet their demand. Prices and availability of the teachers are questions frequently asked by new students. By visiting the business premises, all the queries are answered in detail and pamphlets or brochures are also available to give more details on what is offered. Occasionally the institution will give bonuses or offers on cutting cost as an effort to bring in more students in order to sharpen their minds in constructing Non plagiarized essays.