About Us

Since the establishment of Non-Plagiarized Essays Company by Jane Smith in central London, the business has seen the student base increase on a daily basis. The attendance is on the rise than ever before with more students enrolling for lessons on how to write quality and original essays. The establishment which is in the heart of London is strategically placed and accessible by people from all over London. The welcoming nature of the company and its staff gives a welcoming sensation to students to have the desire to learn, unlike other institutions that are governed by strict rules and regulations. From the reception, the faces are welcoming and people are available to offer assistance on any problems that may arise. Clients who visit the premises do not need to cue in long lines to get any services as there is a large panel of people ready to serve the incoming clients and students.

Corporate employees who study here are awarded certificates to aid in the smooth running of their businesses. The latest certification, for instance, was awarded to the online casino business known as Slot Machines Limited for its employees who finished and passed the lessons offered. Other related companies have also seen their employees come and study for their certifications too. This indicates the mastery and capability to nurture intellectuals who can end up been creative and independent in their work. The accreditation offered at our company is like no other in London. We have been recognized and authenticated by relevant authorities to conduct the business and light the mantle of creativity that is diminishing every single day.